AFC Sugar Hill – Spring is the Perfect Time for Beer Gardening

AFC Sugar Hill

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The race report from Dyno:

Rolled out for the first real XC race of the year which is way too early in the season for breathing that hard.  Had a good start and led the first 2 laps and then blew up on the last lap like a pregnant manatee in the third trimester. Was able to hold on and finish 2nd in the Expert 40+.  But like my daddy always said, “If you’re not first, you’re last!”  Normally the Juggernaut crew heads to the beer garden to polish off the keg.  This year I was a lone Juggernaut due to scheduling issues with the rest of the Force.  This ended up as a dangerous predicament finding myself alone in the beer garden without my brethren.  While most of the other racers were stretching, or cooling down on rollers with a recovery drink, I did my best to put a dent in a keg of Fat Tire.  Woke up a day later, still in second place…but first in the beer garden.  Thus, holding to the Juggernaut mantra of, “Do what you’re good at, and do it a lot.”

Juggernauts Create Crack in Time/Space Continuum Which Will One Day Destroy the Universe

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Dry course, new bikes, black out kits, an international assortment of umbrella girls. Awwwwww yeah. The pedals felt lively at Bakers — most of the time. The beer tasted awesome during the late night session. Whoever yelled “turn off that goddamn music” around 2am – you sir, can suck it. We’re too busy chilling to take on your requests. The Juggernaut has a certain momentum that can’t easily be stopped. Fifth place in the open 3-man. Thanks to HFB for the images from onboard the Scott supersonic land rocket.PastedGraphic-2

Fear and Loathing in Brevard

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Take four Juggernauts, add water, stir, season with beer, let simmer, enjoy. HUGE PROPS to NC Mike for the grand tour of the big nasty that is Pisgah.

Cease and Desist Order Issued to West Coast Dickey

CCCX MTB Race #3 3-8-2014-151-X3

No more photos of people riding without sleeves, knees, gloves, and hats. No more pictures of sunlight and buff trails. No more pictures of clean bikes and clean kits. No more pictures of happiness and pink water bottles. We’re not having it Dickey. This winter has left the DC Juggernaut about as upbeat as the Winnebago Man: