Juggernaut ESF Travels to Land That Time Forgot, Races Well at Inaugural Pisgah 111

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Beastly. White D, Olsen, Fang, and Thor drove for days if not weeks to the Pisgah National Forest in Western North Carolina for the inaugural Pisgah 111k backcountry mountain bike race. Mike Hudson, friend to Juggernauts, who lives in the greater Asheville area and was kind of enough to bring us finish line brews from the one and only Highland Brewery, suggested that each of the five segments of the race were basically a great day of riding on their own. So when you string it all together it’s like this:

1 great day x 5 = better. Or something.

We wavered greatly between hoot and holler bliss and end it all plunge off the nearest cliff despair. Awesome awesome trails. Huge river crossings. Big 5500+ foot peaks with rocky switchback descents. Lots of berms and jumps. Perfect weather.

White D was all but dead on the first climb but soon began burning all of the alcohol out of his body and shot past David and Thor around the 50k mark never to be seen again. He finished right around 8 hours. Fifteen minutes later, David finished exactly 1 second in front of Thor after pulling a particularly awful and snakelike attack during what should have been a triumphant high-five amongst teammates but became a dark moment that will most likely never truly be forgotten and will fester indefinitely. Fang was in around the 9:15ish mark looking very calm and casual at the line.

We then did what we do best – post-party – even though we were staying in some sort of land of the lost region populated by prehistoric frogs, spiders, and insects. The villagers in the region have lost generations of children that stayed out after dark to the legions of gigantic toads that populate the woods in the Brevard outskirts. Olsen was at one time carried off into the woods by luna moths and violated. He begged us never to speak of the incident and we all agreed to that.


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