Juggernaut Squad at the Stoopid

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The Juggernaut showed up at the starting line of the Stoopid 50 with high expectations for sweeping the podium. Only our honorary-member and in-house homemade booze specialist, Jeff Dickey of the Scott Pro Squad / Juggernaut Seal Team High Altitude Unit came close. Jeff laid down a spectacular 4:12, good enough for fourth place. Right on his heels an hour later were Olsen (5:03) and Waller (5:12) in something like 1,000th and 1,014th place. Fang wins the power award for the day for finishing at 6:13 after shearing his little ring and big ringing the final 20+ miles of the course. No small feat. J Taylor Jones taco’d a wheel at high speed and had an out of body experience while White Dynamite taco’d his stomach and had an experience within his body. Neither of them have been seen since and we can only assume that they have left the country and taken on new identities. We stayed in a cabin that was so nice it nearly made our brains implode.


2 thoughts on “Juggernaut Squad at the Stoopid

  1. Dear ESF web guru
    Since I finished so far behind the rest of the Juggs, I thought it might be better – for me – if you could make pretend (thru photoshop) that I finished ‘near’ the Juggs, but with significantly more panache. BTW – who’s the dork in the floppy hat?
    A photoshop-able though provided here for your consideration:

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