Oakley Rich – Our Man in AZ

Rich, our spiritual guide/chaperone/voice of reason for the Austin leg of Juggernaut Tour 2012. His recap of the trip is pretty straightforward: WATER IS GOOD!! MIND BLOWING SHREDDING! BADASS CARS!! DRUMMER GIRL! I HAVE LAUNDRY CALLING!!! I FEEL SO RAD!!! Hahahahaha WWRD!!!! “That….. just…. happened…FRENCHY” EPIC experience!!!

Pretty much sums it up. Thanks Rich.


F1 Austin Honored to Have Juggernaut VIPs in Attendance

With all of the singletrack behind us, the Juggernaut machine smoothly shifted gears into party/debauchery mode around the greater-Austin metro region. Many beers, bands, mechanical bulls, and race cars were involved.

South By SouthJuggernaut : The First 48 Hours

Juggernaut 2012 team training camp: Austin edition. Full immersion cycling geekery, singletrack overload, unlimited beer supply, unlimited bbq…