Juggernaut Spring Training Camp: Franklin WV

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Scene One:
Setting: A gas station at the north end of Franklin WV. Three Juggernauts enter, mill about, select a variety of beer flavors, and head to the counter. A woman with four teeth enters the store and pauses, eyes wide, and clasps hands to face.
Juggernaut #1 that kind of looks like Neil Patrick Harris (NPH) blinks eyes in astonishment.
Juggernaut #2: I’m euphoric right now.
Four-tooth woman’s boyfriend walks toward Juggernaut #1
Four-tooth woman: WELL HE DOES! JUST LOOK AT HIM!
Juggernaut #1 remains motionless. Four-tooth woman’s boyfriend looks at him.
Juggernaut #1: This is awful.
Juggernaut #2: This is the greatest thing ever in the history of the world.
Four-tooth woman and four-tooth woman’s boyfriend walk by and select bag of Doritos.
Juggernaut #1 and #2 exit store.
Juggernaut #3 emerges from wherever the hell he was.
Juggernaut #3: What just happened? Did you see that chick with four teeth?

And so it began, with ridicule. But it ended in glory. Juggernaut Spring Training Franklin Edition 2013. A whole lotta awesome. 140+ miles of backcountry road riding. Halfway to the top of Mt Everest in elevation gain. Perfect weather, a few boozy concoctions in the evening to keep us right, and two altercations with vehicles exiting wormholes from other dimensions at Mach 6. Off track betting of the highest order in the evening with Virginia Gentleman Mint Julips prepped by Tom for Derby Day. Next up, Transylvania Epic and additional layers of freewheeling awesomeness.


One thought on “Juggernaut Spring Training Camp: Franklin WV

  1. Without a doubt one of the best openers yet – “Ah wahnt one of thooooose….” I’ve never seen Dyno so happy. Awesome.

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