Juggernaut Fall Cavalcade of Awesomeness

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It was raining vodka, and raining rain, in Franklin, WV for the fall training camp.


Things That Are Similar to the Shenandoah 100

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OpeningĀ a cookie jar and finding a severed gorilla hand inside. Lying down for a nap in a field of freshly cut grass and then having a llama or emu accidentally step on your nuts. Drop-kicking a football at a picnic and realizing too late it’s a dead carp and having it explode all over you. That is to say, it’s f’ing awesome, until it isn’t. Tough rolling in the rain and muck at the SM100 this year for the Juggs but we will be back and we will sweep the podium even if we have to cheat. Editors note: The new Narrowback is incredibly great.