Juggernaut Brand Ambassadors

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 4.50.22 PM

75% spectacle / 25% performance / 365 / 24. The Juggernaut lay down a phat superhighway of awesomeness wherever they roll and the cycling industry is getting wise. Staff up Stan, it’s about to get nuts down at the factory now that you’re flying the Juggs colors in your catalog. Booze manufacturers, are you paying attention? It’s time to step up and sponsor your #1 squad.


One thought on “Juggernaut Brand Ambassadors

  1. This kind of makes me think there needs to be a reassessment of tyre coleur. If red stripey kit is the basis for an advert campaign for someone calling themselves Stan in the context of the Appalachian outback – pfffft, nobody names their kid ‘Stan’ … I mean, come on – then (ahem) “Stan” and the Juggernauts need to start up a new tyre coleurway. I am officially lodging a complaint. To whom do I complain? No hard feelings. You guys are the greatest.
    P.S. And what the hell is BST Technology? We’re talking about two-wheeler bicycles. More complaints…

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