Gorka Almost Wins State Championship Despite Mountain of Bad Karma Looming Over Him


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Gorka took 2nd place in the marathon at the Greenbrier State Championships despite the mountain of bad karma that follows him everywhere. His infant son Ryan spoke out in a post race interview. “I don’t get it,” said the infant. “I mean, the guy moves here from the Basque region of Spain and just starts wronging people. He can’t be trusted. Period. I mean, I don’t know why they even let him race. If I wasn’t like 18 months old I would seriously take him out. Gorka must be stopped.”


PMBAR 2014


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Climbed the root ladders, saw the curvature of the earth from the top of Whoville, waded a million rivers, ate empanadas out of our pockets, ripped some awesome singletrack, got our Passport punched, went to see Yoda. Good to see Mike racing in the Pisgah Tavern kit. Hard to say if they sponsor him or if he sponsors them but it all works out.