Sky Chicken Delivers 14-minute Diatribe from Storage Unit


Sky Chicken, long missing from the Juggernaut ranks, broadcast a 14-minute long diatribe from an unknown location this afternoon, likely from deep in the mountainous regions of Appalachia or the western high plains. Given the clues in the background of the footage it appears he is in some sort of awful lair of madness.


SM100 Delivers Massive Hammer Blow to Collective Juggernaut Nutsack


The SM100 handed out a big fat stinking sack of discomfort to the Juggernaut this year. We’re all feeling a bit tired. Not pedaling real lively. Not so excited about inclines. Except Gorka who nearly broke hisĀ  PR of 9:16 but rolled in at 9:17. Denied. Likely because of the unbearable load of bad karma following him everywhere. He also came no where near breaking the all time Juggs SM100 record of 9:07 which will now likely stand forever.

Thor rolled in at 9:52 and proceeded to give himself a lobotomy with a tire lever in order to forget the last 40 miles of riding.


Fang, wisest of us all, came home in a pickup truck before having to ride the death climb and just sat around and drank beer. Brilliant move sir.