Impromptu Juggernaut Winter Training Camp


Put three Juggernauts and a case of beer within the state lines of West Virginia and you have yourself a winter training camp. Big rides up on Long Mountain and Mill Mountain (aka Demons are Real / Kicker of Elves / Smothered in Hugs). Gorka and Dyno came away slightly more tweaked and mangled than when they arrived. Decisions with huge ramifications for the 2015 season were made. Bonfires were lit. Bourbon was consumed. All was right with the universe.

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Juggernaut Debuts Spirit Animal T-Shirt / Courts Lemmy as Brand Ambassador


The Juggernaut debuted new apres ride apparel in the form of the long rumored “Baby Sea Manatee Wrapped in a Cobra / Spirit Animal” t-shirt. In addition, as part of a “two-prong marketing blitz”, negotiations have begun with Lemmy from Motorhead to serve as brand ambassador for the Juggernaut. For real.