We Are Building a Fighting Force of Extraordinary Magnitude


Juggernaut Shaolin Master Challenge announced. The 16 stages to glory. The be all end all. Most likely will need to kill a hydra. And clean the Augean Stables. A challenge taller than Everest, and deeper than the trench the guy who directed Terminator went into in his underwater Kia Sephia.


Juggernaut Drinking Song Deemed Better Than Phil Collins’ Sussudio


Not since Sussudio has a song more deftly captured the inner workings of modern man. His desires. His struggles. His triumph over stuff. “There Goes the ESF”, the drinking song of the Juggernaut, was debuted at the 2015 winter gathering last night. Next time you’re in the wilderness don’t be surprised to hear the strains of lilting Juggernaut voices drifting along with the wind. Also planned was the complete and utter dominance of everything. Sandwich. Dominated. Bike race. Dominated. Vacation. Dominated. Everybody just stand back.