Angry Cernich Won’t Eat His Cereal

angry_c_1 angry_c_2

Submitted by Gorka:

Once again MORE serves up another great MOCO Epic for 2015.  Getting a little rain a few days prior, the trails were just tacky enough to allow the Juggernaut crew to smoke this course down to the roach clip.  Gorka, Angry Cernich, and new Juggernaut initiate Jason Sliwa (aka Pookie), rolled out onto the course at the break of dawn through the morning mist to spend the next 7 hours and 40 minutes riding some of the most buff and flowy single track in the region.  With a rushed handshake and gentlemen’s agreement to ride a reasonable pace (this would be Cernich’s longest distance on the mountain bike and Pookie hadn’t been on one in three years) – that plan was quickly derailed when we crossed paths at aid station 1 with East Coast Dickey and a posse of riders that had begun their ride from DC. Though bourbon and bacon provided a temporary boost at aid station 2, we had to dial it back and bid Dickey and the boys farewell and settle into our own pace that would guide us through the rest of the day.  All in all a fantastic day for the Juggernaut crew with 69.4 miles and 4,739 feet of elevation gain. The stats for the event aren’t bad either: 776 riders, 31,875 miles, 9 aid stations, and 70 cases of beer.

MoCo-1700-(ZF-5035-67466-1-001) MoCo-1702-(ZF-5035-67466-1-002)


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