Juggernauts Befriend Crazy Old Pimp

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Long known for their policy of benevolence, the Juggernaut Elite Squad befriended an old crazy pimp in the streets of Carson City Nevada. We don’t judge. Whether you a pimp or a pope, the Juggernaut is your compadre. Transcripts from the encounter:

Jonny One Thumb: Hey pimp, how’s pimpin’ in these parts?
Pimp: I’m not actually a pimp fellas, I invented mountain biking back in the 70s and now I smoke weed and speak in marathon streams of consciousness.
Dyno: Ha! You can’t fool us brother – how much for Princess Leia?”
Pimp: She’s not a prostitute guys…
Guapo: Tiene burros sexo?
Pimp: That’s messed up bandito. I’m going wander off down this alley which admittedly does make me look even more like a pimp.

And with that the pimp went on his way, richer for knowing the Juggernaut.